An Attorney Could Explain All The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation

In Connecticut, mediation procedures are initiated to prevent a divorce trial and give the couple more breathing room. If the divorce is contested, mediation presents an outlet that helps couples reach an agreement. The process could take several days or weeks to complete. An attorney explains the procedures to petitioners who want to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Creating a Fair Parenting Plan

During mediation, it is possible for couples to create a fair parenting plan that helps each party get equal time with their child. The plan doesn’t have to meet standard norms. In fact, the parents could split their time with the child equally. They could alternate full weeks or choose specific days during the week for parenting time.

Identifying Reasonable Child Support Payments

Child support payments are required in most cases. However, parents who attend mediation could devise strategies that allow each parent to provide an equal share of financial support for the child. The arrangements identify the exact responsibilities for each parent and outline who fulfills each obligation. If they prefer, the parents have the right to choose lower payments based on the total expenses paid by each parent.

Splitting Property and Debts

Next, the mediation process requires the parents to split their marital property and determine who pays the debts. The process helps the couple acquire an equal share of the marital assets without an unnecessary battle. Next, they review all debts and establish which party is responsible for each debt incurred during the marriage.

Creating an Acceptable Plan for Alimony

Alimony is provided on a temporary, durational, or permanent basis. The needs of the spouse determine if the payments are required after the completion of educational programs. Typically, a spouse has the option to pay the full cost of the educational program instead of alimony. However, mediation helps the couple make the hard decisions.

In Connecticut, mediation procedures help couples review each term of their divorce agreement. The process helps the couple determine the most suitable parenting plan and settle disputes about custody. The meeting also offers a neutral environment to discuss property division and debts. Petitioners who need to learn more about the benefits of divorce mediation contact an attorney now.

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